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At the feet of the tower of a legendary archmage, greedy wizards have gathered. They channel their power, weaving mighty spells to oust their competitors and finally lay their hands on the magic tome that their ancestor left behind. But... what is this? The fireball fizzles! Instead of a freezing blizzard, there ́s only a gentle spring rain!It seems the powerful magicians are blinded by their own greed. Or is it the mysterious power of the cursed tower that confuses them?Be that as it may, they will have to gather their wits and think calmly to cast their spells safely and ascend to the top!

Abracada...What? is a family game of deduction and spell casting. But, casting your spells is harder than it sounds, as only your opponents can be certain of which spells you’re actually able to cast! With cunning wit, clever logic, and a little luck, you’ll figure out which spells you can cast to slow down your opponents and win you the game. But watch out! Say the wrong magic words too many times and the only thing you’ll be spelling is trouble!

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